• E-mail Marketing Strategy - Having an e-mail marketing strategy can double or even triple your revenue. E-mail marketing creates brand awareness, customer loyalty and increases sales. We will setup your e-mail platform, provide you with an e-mail template and outline a strategy for your business. 
  • Social Content Planning - Having good social media content makes a HUGE difference in sales. We will rebrand your profiles(s), provide you with a hashtag group, a content folder, branded templates, and a list of software to effectively manage your profile. 
  • Marketing Campaigns - Are you launching? Do you have a huge sale coming up? Are you releasing a new collection? We will create a strategic promotional plan for you to maximize awareness and sales. We can even execute the campaign, if you'd like!
  • Ad Strategy & Development - With ads, you can take an initial investment and make 3x your investment back. We will create attractive and engaging ads. We will then manage your ads and provide you with weekly results and reports. All while tweaking your ads for maximum results. 
  • Brand Identity Development - Branding in the CORE of your business. None of your marketing strategies can be successful without proper brandign. We will audit your current brand and use that to improve your brand identity. This includes graphic design, theme development, and more..
  • Social Media Management - Want to focus more on yoru business, but still want to keep your social media presence? We will handle the day-to-day management of your social media profile(s). This include content creation, posting and moderating.


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